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Monday Mar 20, 2023

WD BOE Action Meeting 3-20-2023

Monday Mar 20, 2023

A. BE IT RESOLVED, to approve the 2023-2024 Tentative School Budget for submission to the Gloucester County Executive County Superintendent of Schools as follows:  
General Fund                              $56,992,336
Special Revenue Fund                $4,951,299Debt Service Fund                       $981,375
Total                                       $62,925,010
B. BE IT RESOLVED, to acknowledge that the 2023-2024 Tentative School Budget as described above results in a general fund tax levy of $36,630,046 (school year basis).

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

Meeting Audio starts at 1st public comment portion.

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

2. Township Clerk
A. Correspondence
B. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
3. Open Meeting to the Public for Agenda items only
A. Public Participation
4. Ordinances
A. Ordinances 2023-02
B. Ordinances 2023-03
5. Resolutions
A. Public Works
B. Buildings, Grounds & Recreation
C. Public Safety
D. Administration/Finance
E. Utilities
6. Old Business
7. New Business
8. Open meeting to the Public
A. Public Participation
9. Adjournment

WD BOE 2-21-2023 Board Meeting

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023

B. Authorizing Executive Session
1. Authorizing Executive Session
2. Executive Session
C. Approval of Minutes
1. Minutes
D. Solicitor's Report
1. Solicitor's Report
E. Superintendent's Report
1. HIB Report
2. Enrollment
3. WDHS Post-Season Athletic Recap
F. Courtesy Extended to Visitors
1. Courtesy Extended to Visitors (5-minute limit; agenda items only)
G. Finance, Property, Buildings, Transportation, & Cafeteria - JONES, Fetty, Bagge (Alternate: O'Neil)
1. Committee Report
2. Bills List
3. End-of-Month Bills List
4. *End-of-Month Bills List
5. Secretary's Report
6. *Secretary's Report
7. Secretary's Certification
8. Board of Education Certification
9. Treasurer's Report
10. *Treasurer's Report
11. Transfers
12. *Transfers
13. Payroll
14. *Payroll
15. School Business Days
16. Cafeteria Donations
17. ACES Resolution
18. 2023-2024 Nonpublic Technology and Nonpublic Textbook Purchasing Contracts
19. Facilities Use
20. Addition to Transportation Route
21. *NJ State FY2023 ARP SDA Emergent Needs and Capital Maintenance in School Districts Grant
22. *Transfer from Capital Outlay to General Budget
H. Curriculum, Athletics, & Band - NAPHYS, O'Neil, Kaminski (Alternate: Bagge)
1. Committee Report
2. WDHS Spring Sports Schedules
3. WDHS Field Trip - STEM Club
4. WDHS Field Trip - G&T
5. WDHS Field Trip - World Language Honor Society & Club
6. *WDHS Field Trip - Esports
7. *WDHS Field Trip - Esports
8. WDMS Field Trip - District Band Day
9. WDMS Spring Track Schedule
10. WDMS 5th Grade Orientation
11. Preschool Field Trips
12. Preschool Parent Information Night
13. Preschool / Kindergarten Registration
14. School Nurse Workshop - The Eye of the Storm
15. School Nurse Workshop - Basics of Orthopedic Nursing
16. Connections Matter Workshop
I. Policy & Community Relations- KAMINSKI, Schultz, Fetty (Alternate: Barna)
1. Committee Report
2. Policy Alert 229
3. Bylaw 0132 Executive Authority
4. Policy 1220 Employment of Chief School Administrator
5. Regulation 5420 Tardiness
6. Policy 6220 Budget Preparation
7. Policy 6820 Financial Reports
8. Abolish Policy 1648.11 The Road Forward COVID-19 - Health and Safety
9. Abolish Policy 1648.13 School Employee Vaccination Requirements
10. Job Descriptions
11. 2023-2024 Facilities Calendar
12. NJ QSAC 2021-2022 District Improvement Plan Submission
J. Teachers, Personnel, Negotiations, Pupil Placement, Progress & Welfare – BARNA, Bagge, Schultz (Alternate: Fetty)
1. Committee Report
2. Voluntary Transfer
3. Hire Substitute Teachers
4. *Hire Substitute Nurse
5. Hire WDHS Counselor
6. *Hire WDHS LTR Special Education Teacher
7. WDHS Counselor Overloads
8. *WDHS Overloads
9. Hire WDHS PM Custodian
10. Hire WDHS PM Custodian
11. Hire WDHS Spring Sports Coaches
12. Hire WDMS Special Education Instructional Aide
13. Hire WDMS Student Council Co-Advisor
14. Hire GFES YEP Care Provider
15. Hire Per Diem Substitute YEP Junior Care Providers
16. Hire OVES Instructional Aides
17. Hire OVES Non-Instructional LPC Aides
18. *Hire RBES LTR Preschool Teacher
19. Preschool Parent Information Night Staff
20. Once-in-a-Lifetime LOA Staff ID#5815
21. **Leave of Absence Staff ID#4969
22. Leave of Absence Staff ID#5768
23. Leave of Absence Staff ID#5856
24. Leave of Absence Staff ID#6011
25. Amend Leave of Absence Staff ID#4378
26. Amend Leave of Absence Staff ID#6042
27. Amend Leave of Absence Staff ID#6411
28. **Amend Start Date Elementary Music Teacher
29. Amend Start Date OVES Special Education Instructional Aide
30. Amend Start Date OVES Instructional Aide
31. Amend End Date WDHS LTR Health/Physical Education Teacher
32. Amend End Date OVES LTR Special Education Teacher
33. Amend Salary WDMS LTR Instrumental Music Teacher
34. *Amend Hours RBES YEP Care Provider
35. Amend WDMS Overload
36. Retirement WDHS School Nurse
37. *Retirement WDHS Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal for Discipline/Attendance
38. *Retirement WDHS Math Teacher
39. Resignation WDMS Student Council Co-Advisor
40. Termination District Bus Aide
41. Rescind Hire WDHS Full Time Custodian
42. Rescind Hire WDMS Volunteer Boys Basketball Coach
43. Rescind Hire OVES Non-Instructional LPC Aide
44. Rescind Hire Substitute Custodian
45. Affirm HIB Report
46. Contract with GCSSSD - CRESS
47. Contract with GCSSSD - CRESS
48. Contract with GCSSSD - CRESS
49. *Contract with GCSSSD - CRESS
50. *Contract with GCSSSD - CRESS
51. Contract with NeurAbilities NeuroHealth Services
52. Homebound Instruction Student ID#23280
53. Homebound Instruction Student ID#26414
54. *Homebound Instruction Student ID#28048
55. OOD Placement - Garfield Park Academy
56. OOD Placement - Garfield Park Academy
57. OOD Placement - Hampton Academy
K. Courtesy Extended to Visitors
1. Courtesy Extended to Visitors (5-minute limit)
L. Other Business
1. Old Business: Approve Minutes
2. New Business
3. Member Comments
M. Authorizing Executive Session
1. Meeting Adjourned
2. Authorizing Executive Session
3. Executive Session

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

Proclamation Recognizing Officer of the Year 2022.
Open public comments on future of WD Police Department and Location of the Library.
Multiple Resolutions including transportation grants for roadway improvements, paradise road improvements, water meter replacement, Sherwood park drainage, Pickleball courts, water meter project, among others. 

WD TWP Committee Meeting 2-1-2023

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Beginning of meeting had audio difficulties, recording started during public comment portion of meeting, with majority of public comment concerns about the future of the WD police department and the WD Library.

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

West Deptford Start Strong Presentation by Dr. Carvalho as presented at the WD BOE Meeting 1-17-23

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Portions of the 1-17-2023 West Deptford BOE meeting containing the Transportation update By BOE BA, as well as the Agenda and Non-Agenda Items Public Comments portions.


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